The Director of the Pacific Technical and Further Education (Pacific TAFE) Hasmukh Lal conducted an open forum for his USP Lautoka-based students at USP Lautoka on Friday, 01 May, 2015.
Close to fifty students took advantage of the opportunity to meet the Director and discuss about their courses and other important matters related to their studies.
Mr. Lal said the main purpose of organizing this forum was to interact with students and allow them to share their learning experiences and discuss the challenges they faced.
He said there was a similar forum held for Laucala Campus students earlier this year which proved to be quite successful.
“The students freely raised their issues and concerns and shared their success stories and this is exactly what we hope to encourage in this forum,” he told the USP Lautoka students.
“Your feedback is important to us; it will help us to improve in terms of course delivery, our services, facilities and other areas.”
Mr.Lal said one of the strategic objectives of USP was to establish the Pacific TAFE so that learning opportunities could be extended to students who do not qualify for/not interested in pursuing year 13 or foundation studies but were keen on acquiring other skill based qualification.
He said Pacific TAFE also provided a wide array of short courses and training opportunities aimed at raising the professional standards/performance of working students.
“Our classes are structured to cater for working people,” he said. “We are very flexible in terms of meeting the needs of the labour market, therefore we even offer winter and summer flexi courses on demand.”
Mr. Lal said Pacific TAFE also focused on addressing the issue of the increasing youth bulge in the South Pacific by increasing the employ ability of youth by providing skill-based trainings.
Following his address Mr.Lal opened the floor to questions where he listened and responded to inquiries and issues raised by students.
He told the students that all their concerns were being noted and assured them that he would try his best to address them soonest possible.

Press Release

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