Participants Gear Up for Annual Regatta Week


The staff and management of MUSKET Cove Island Resort and Marina are gearing up to host the 30th Annual Regatta Week which officially sails off from 13 September this Friday.

Fiji Regatta Week is the most prestigious of all yachting tournaments in the Pacific and is also recognized as the grand-daddy of all yachting tournaments in the South Pacific region. The tournament also attracts all types of boat owners and sea lovers from all over the world to have a great time of fun in the week long tournament.

It involves activities for all groups of ages which also make the tournament very much exciting and fun as everyone gets a fair share to take part it.

The event was started by one of Fiji’s pioneer in the Tourism Industry in Fiji, Late Mr Dick Smith who developed and capitalized the idea of hosting such an event in which people of all different’ waters’ could take part and enjoy a weeklong of sea games and entertainment.

Not of all, one of Late Mr Smiths innovative idea was to start the Musket Cove Blue Water Yacht Club in the 1980’s. In which the membership required arrival in Fiji waters by a Captain or a Crew and membership to be valid for life.

Today the membership stands at 16,033 to still adding as this article goes online. It is said that almost every yacht that has sailed through the Fijian Waters during their journey is an alumni member of the club surprisingly.

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