PM Bainimarama celebrates with Fellow Fijians in US

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More than 500 people attended a welcoming ceremony visit for Fiji’s Democratically elected Prime Minister, Rear Admiral(ret) Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama in San Francisco earlier this week.

San Francisco has a special connection with the PM, as it was here that the leader of the Fiji First party began his political campaign, after visiting Fiji nationals in Santa Rosa earlier this year.

Present were Fellow Fijians, Community Leaders, Businessmen ,Friends of Fiji  and the large supporters that had gathered at the South San Francisco Conference Centre, which was hosted the by Fijian Consul General, Jay Singh.

It was an evening that every person attending was proud of, and one which was a true exemplary and reflection of what Prime Minister Bainimarama had initially desired, and that was to adopt an ‘Inclusive’ policy that would create more unity and coexistence between all races that had made Fiji home.

It was evident that the gap that had remained after the events of 1987 and 2000 was now history, as Fellow Fijians living in the US who were made up of Fiji’s two major races (Indians & Itaukei) embraced each throughout the evening.

There were speeches , poems and singing as the large gathering celebrated in true Fijian style and pomp on a well deserved victory. 

The visit also gave PM Bainimarama an opportunity to thank the hard work working and dedicated Fiji First North America Chapter committee including supporters in the US and Canada for having faith his leadership since 2006 and the Manifesto of the winning party, one which was ‘Inclusive’ and ‘Caring’ for All Fijians. 

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