Prime Minister Bainimarama has lifted the moratorium on agricultural land to allow ordinary Fijians the option to use agricultural land for other productive purposes, including the option to build new homes.

“Fijians will now be able to apply to convert agricultural land for residential, commercial or industrial use,” the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister cited Fiji’s urban growth as an area where Fijians will benefit from his Government’s decision to lift the moratorium.

“With the growth of our towns and cities, surrounding land is best utilised for residential, commercial or industrial use, and now Fijians will have the freedom to take advantage of this,” he said.

The Prime Minister also pointed out that there are many Fijians who currently live on agricultural land who are unable to build new homes for themselves and their families.

“These individuals will now be able to build new homes and receive a legal title, greatly enhancing their sense of security.”

However, the Prime Minister stressed that the decision to lift the moratorium would in no way threaten the amount of land available for agricultural.

“Through my Government’s initiative, the Committee for the Better Utilisation of Land (CBUL), more agricultural leases than ever are now being renewed and there is and will remain a very large pool of land available for agricultural.”

The Prime Minister said that if land is used productively, then everyone wins.

“The value of land will increase as it becomes available for productive use, allowing landowners to achieve a higher rate of return. Access to permanent housing will increase for ordinary Fijians. And there will be more opportunities for investors.”



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