PM O’Neill:Embrace The Government’s Move Towards Development


“Embrace our government’s move towards development and do not be afraid of change,” the Prime Minister, Hon. Peter O’Neill CMG MP, said at the groundbreaking ceremony of the Tabubil-Telefomin road development.

“Positive change brings opportunity for Papua New Guineans.“Our people must embrace change and development and your government will make sure these projects are delivered as we promised.“I will be back next year for the sealing of Kiunga to Tabubil road.“The construction of the Tabubil-Telifomin-Oksapmin Road is also going ahead.”

The total investment in the construction is 160 million Kina which the Prime Minister said will not only benefit the more than 40,000 residents of Telefomin, but also surrounding villages.

“Right now many people walk through the forest for days just to buy a bag of rice.  This road will change your lives and make time for you to devote your time to other activities such as crops, small business and families,” he told local people at the ceremony.

In his speech the Prime Minister warned the people to be wary of people who might seek to mislead or fool them, particularly when it comes to financial management.

“No ken lusim ol paulim tintin blo yu (Do not let people confuse you with what they are saying), changes and development are taking place in front of you,” he said.

“Money belonging to the people in trust accounts will be released to the people especially in the areas of infrastructure, education, health and law and order.

“Our Government promotes accountability and transparency.

“This includes the contracts of expensive consultants that will be looked at closely.”

Road is going ahead as planned and the government through its historical 2015 budget of K16.19 billion will assist in the road construction.

Prime Minister O’Neill was accompanied on the visit by Finance Minister, James Marape.  On arrival to greet the delegation was Works Minister, Francis Awasa; Culture & Tourism Minister, Boka Kondra; Telefomin MP, Solan Mirisim; Middle Fly MP, Roy Biyama; South Fly MP, Aide Ganasi; Western Province Governor, Ati Wobiro and Managing Director & CEO of OK Tedi Mining Limited, Nigel Parker.

The Prime Minister flew with the delegation from the Tabubil-Telefomin ceremony for the ground-breaking ceremony at Telefomin for the Tabubil-Telifomin-Oksapmin Road.



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