PNG PM Peter O’Neill warns police against use of ‘unacceptable’ excessive force


Caption:Peter O’Neill hears from representatives of Hanuabada village during a meeting at parliament. Photo: PNG Prime Minister’s Office.

Papua New Guinea PM Peter O’Neill says his government is opposed to the use of excessive force by the police, adding such behaviour is “unacceptable and unnecessary”.

Papua Guinea’s prime minister, Peter O’Neill, says his government is opposed to the use of excessive force by the police, adding such behaviour is “unacceptable and unnecessary”.


Mr O’Neill made the comments after a receiving a petition from residents in Hanuabada village in Port Moresby, where police have been accused of shooting dead two men.According to villagers, Nicholas Rarua and Toka Gaudi, were killed when police fired indiscriminately into a crowd after a dispute between vendors the betel nut vendors and local council officers.

“This government does not condone that type of behaviour. We are opposed to our security forces using excessive force in trying to maintain law and order in our communities,” Mr O’Neill said in a statement.

“This is unnecessary and is unacceptable in our communities and societies throughout the country.”This particular incident has again highlighted some weaknesses and some of the challenges that we face in our security forces.”


Government promises coronial inquiry

Mr O’Neill said he did not want a repeat of the incident, adding that his government was upgrading standards and the code of conduct for police officers.

“On behalf of our Government, and people throughout the country, I express our deepest sympathy for the families of the young men who lost their lives,” prime minister O’Neill said to the delegation.

Representatives from Hanuabada village handed a petition, signed by nearly 4,000 residents, to the prime minister at parliament in Port Moresby.In receiving the petition, Mr O’Neill assured the delegation that due process was underway, including a coronial inquest into the deaths, and that the issues raised in the petition will be fully considered by the government.

“I accept this petition and give you my assurance that we will give it the utmost attention,” Mr O’Neill said.


“We will give it priority and as soon as I get this petition to our officials, then they can begin to work through the issues with all the relevant departments.

“There is an investigation by an independent team and the entire nation is watching how this is handled.”



Source:Radio Australia (ABC)

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