Police are warning people to be careful with fire. In the last 24 hours, three people – two children and an adult were admitted to hospital due to the burns they suffered.

In the first incident which took place in Drasa , Lautoka at 11 am yesterday, two children aged 12 and 5 years were burnt as a result of an explosion of empty perfume cans they were burning. They were burning a pile of rubbish near their home.

Both suffered 20 and 11 per cent burn and are admitted at Lautoka Hospital.

In the second incident in Varadoli ,Ba a 31 year old woman was rushed to the hospital after  she got burnt trying to light a firewood with kerosene.

Her clothes caught fire resulting  before she was rescued by relatives.She suffered 50 per cent burn and is now admitted at Lautoka Hospital.





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