Police Media Briefs 11.08.13

Media Release 11.8.13

1. Police in the Western Division will be interviewing parents of a three year-old child involved in an accident in Ba on Friday for possible case of negligence.

The accident happened at 3pm where a car driven by a 42 year-old man bumped the child whilst he was crossing the road in front of a parked bus.

The child suffered multiple injuries and fractures on his left hand and is admitted at the Lautoka Hospital. Police are once again pleading to parents to look after their children at all times.

Meanwhile in Labasa, a three year-old boy was also admitted to hospital after he was hit by a taxi driven a 42 year-old man.

Police are looking for a 32 year-old taxi driver who has been missing since August 6 in Labasa.

The man was last seen by his father who instructed him to take his taxi to a mechanic for repairs. The taxi number is LT711 and the missing person was last seen wearing a red round neck t-shirt, pair of black shoes and is about 5 feet and 2 inches tall.

2. A 42 year-old man is in police custody after he was alleged to have assaulted a 30 year-old man in a night club on Friday night. The victim was rushed to CWM Hospital due to injuries he suffered and later died.

3. Police have praised a bus driver for his quick action in preventing a bus fire. The incident happened at the junction of Caubati Road at 12pm yesterday. Whilst driving bus registered number DCB009 the 48 year-old driver noticed smoke emitting from the engine. He stopped the bus, unloaded the passengers, pulled out the battery wire which stopped the fire.


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