Police News Updates

17th June 2013




A teacher of a primary school in Suva has been charged with one count of assault after she allegedly hitting a student last week.


The teacher has been bailed to appear next month and Police are once again reiterating the message that such offences against our children will not be taken lightly and are classified under the no drop policy rule.



Fiji Cancer Society


The investigation into the deleted files from a computer belonging to the Fiji Cancer Society continues. Investigators are now in the process of verifying the contents of the deleted data from information retrieved so far.


Facebook impersonation


The investigation where a fake facebook account was set up to sell items continues with focus now on the bank accounts where money has allegedly been deposited. Investigators continue to work with the Financial Intelligence Unit and the bank where the account is kept.


Vugalei Accident


The taxi driver and one of his passengers who were involved in a car accident on Friday afternoon remains admitted in hospital. The driver of the four wheel drive who is alleged to have lost control of his vehicle resulting in the collision with the taxi will be brought in for questioning. He was also injured during the accident and police will bring him in for questioning soon. Investigations continue.






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