Police news updates: 22.12.14


Levuka case progress report

A 15 year old student is admitted in critical condition following an unfortunate accident while swimming with friends yesterday.

The incident occurred at the Levuka Market Bridge where the victim is alleged to have hit her head on rocks after diving into the sea whereby she sustained severe injuries.

She is currently admitted at the Levuka Hospital in critical condition.

We are requesting everyone to be aware and take precautions when undertaking any activity and be mindful of your surroundings which could harm you as well as others.

Drug farms discovered 

68 plants believed to be marijuana was uprooted from a newly purchased piece of land yesterday after information was received at the Nakasi Police station yesterday.

Meanwhile another report of suspected drug cultivation was also received at the Sabeto Police Station whereby a 23 year old farmer was arrested for allegedly cultivating plants believed to be marijuana.

The report was received on Friday afternoon whereby a team arrested the suspect and confiscated 18 plants and seedlings believed to be marijuana. He was questioned and released awaiting analysis from tests to be conducted at the Police Laboratory in Nasova.

As indicated earlier Police will be tracking down on those who are cultivating or dealing with drugs during the one month Christmas operations. This is a period where there is an increase in reports as some try to earn a quick buck from this illegal act.

Again a reminder for those intending to get involved in such trades to refrain from doing so as both our officers and K9 capabilities will be conducting random checks in major towns and cities and other areas known for this trade. We are also greatful for the continuous assistance coming in from the general public which has led to the arrests and confiscation of drugs.




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