Police news updates: 24.11.14


Drowning cases increase.

Three people are believed to be the country’s latest drowning victims.

The first incident occurred on Thursday afternoon at Uma Village on Rabi Island where the victim is a 1 year old child. The victim was last seen with her 20 year old mother at the church hall and after some time she was informed of the tragic incident that her daughter was found floating in the sea.

Investigations continue.

Meanwhile In two people died after swimming in the Namoli River in Labasa yesterday afternoon.

The two victims are 14 and 22 years old. The incident occurred at around 1pm when the two were at the river with other family members washing a tarpaulin.

The two decided to go for a swim afterwards when strong currents swept them away. Attempts to save by the Namoli villagers proved futile.

The drowning toll stands at 37 compared to 39 for the same period last year.

The Fiji Police Force is once again requesting members of the public to keep a close eye on their children and be wary of their environment that could pose a safety threat.

Everyone must take water safety seriously if we are to prevent further loss of life.


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