Police news updates: 26.11.14


Two cases of fire were reported last night in the Western Division leaving two families homeless.

The first case was reported at about 2115hrs in Navo, Nadi whereby a 7 bedroom house belonging to a 40 year old woman was completely destroyed.

Her 15 year old daughter was at home watching television when she heard a loud noise from the kitchen which is where the fire is believed to have started. The estimated cost of damage is $100,000 as investigations continue.

In the second incident a 4 bedroom house belonging to a 66 year old farmer was also completely destroyed in a fire at about 2345hrs.

The house located in Varadoli, Ba was vacant at the time of the incident and the fire is believed to have started from the ceiling of the sitting room.

The estimated cost of fire is $30,000 and investigations are continuing.

Once again we are pleading with members of the public to be cautious of fire hazards in their homes. Switching off appliances that are not in use could potentially save your property.

It takes minutes to literally see everything you’ve worked hard for go up in flames, which is why conducting a thorough check is of paramount importance.


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