RELEASE 29.5.2014

Setting fire to crops

Police have received 3 reports of setting fire to crop in Western division.

Yesterday at 1230hrs an unknown person set fire to the sugar cane farm costing 150 tones of matured plant valued at $9000.00 to the property of a 55years old farmer and 60 tones of matured sugar cane was set on fire valued at $4000.00 to the property of 63 years farmer of Naviago, Lautoka.

In another incident at Naboutini Sabeto an unknown person set fire to 100 tonne of matured sugarcane, valued at $6275.00 to the property of 47years old farmer.

Police have issued a stern warning to individuals who illegally burn sugar cane and will be charged if found guilty.

Investigations continuing.


Police in Eastern division interviewed and released a 24years old farmer of Namoka village for cultivating plants believed to be Marijuana.

3 pot plants were found beside the village playground believed to be planted by the farmer.

The suspect was arrested interviewed and released.

Samples of the plants are taken for analysis at Koronivia.

In another incident a 30 years old unemployed of Brown Street was arrested for carrying small leaves branches believed to be marijuana which was hanging out from his pocket.

Acting on information they received, police officers on patrol carried out a search on the suspect and found the dried leaves.

The suspect was arrested and is locked up in the cell.

Samples of the plants are taken for analysis.

Meanwhile, police are appealing to members of the public for information on any illegal activity carried around in the country.



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