With the current weather conditions experienced in some parts of the country, we are urging motorists to drive with caution.

This follows a serious accident case at Pacific Harbour yesterday which saw three people rushed to the Colonial War Memorial Hospital.

It is alleged the driver who is believed to be in his 20s lost control of his vehicle due to speeding.

Their vehicle veered off the road and came to a stop when it hit a coconut tree.

As investigations continue we are once again pleading with motorists to be cautious as our roads will prove to be a safety concern if they do not exercise caution during the wet weather.


Another two fire cases were recorded yesterday in the Western Division.

The first was recorded at about 1445hrs at Flamboyant Place, Link Road Lautoka where a 3 bedroom concrete house was partly destroyed in a fire.

The home belonging to a business Director was vacant at the time of the incident. Both the sitting room and the kitchen were destroyed with damage estimated to be $50,000.

The cause of fire is not known as investigations continue.

In the second incident a two bedroom concrete house was completely destroyed at Covuli Street, Simla, Lautoka at about 1700hrs yesterday.

The fire is believed to have started when a kerosene stove used by the home owner’s wife fell over while she was cooking.

The 30 year old home owner who was in the sitting room was alerted and despite attempts to extinguish the fire, it quickly spread to other parts of the house. The estimated cost of damage is $120,000.

Investigations continue.

Please be cautious with fire hazards as it takes just minutes to lose everything if we do not take the appropriate safety measures at all times.

















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