Police News Updates

Fake Note

A fake $50.00 note with serial number H307490 was discovered in Amy Street, Toorak by a 38 year old businesswoman while she was counting the days taking.

The note has been seized for verification and investigations are continuing.

This brings a total of 52 cases of fake notes reported this year.

We are advising members of the public particularly businesses to be alert when handling money and report any suspicious transactions to your nearest police station or community post, or call 919 or 917.

Serious Accident

Along Narewa Rd, a 7 seater van driven by 18year old student bumped a class 3 student while crossing the road with his mother.

The student was conveyed to Nadi Hospital and was later rushed to Lautoka Hospital  due to the seriousness of the  injury and is admitted at the ICU.

The suspect was arrested, interviewed and released.

With the festive period coming up police is once again advising drivers to adhere to road rules. 

Case of Interest

Along Lomolomo Road a bus while stopping to drop off school children was bumped from the back by a ten wheeler truck forcing the bus to the side of the road as a result  13 school children received  injuries were treated at Lautoka hospital  and sent home. Enquiries proceeding.

Update Rape

Police have arrested and charged the 86 year old who raped his 13 year old granddaughter.

The suspect charged with one count of attempted rape and four counts of rape will be appearing in Labasa court today.

Burn Post Mortem update 

Post mortem result on the burn victim –Prakash Chandra of Edinburgh Drive, Cause of death – 100 % third degree burns. 



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