Negligence case

Police are investigating an incident about a baby that died during delivery.

On Monday (16/06/14) afternoon, a 27 year old mother was having labor pains and went to Navua Hospital.

At Navua Hospital, she was requested by a staff nurse to go on her own transport to Colonial War Memorial Hospital since her file was with there.

The complainant travelled in a taxi to CWM. Upon delivery at the hospital, it was discovered that the baby died during delivery.

Investigations are now continuing.

Police arrest man

A 32 year old man is in Police Custody after he was found with a missing bag containing passports and overseas currencies.

The bag which belongs to a 32 year old Indian National was left behind in a Coffee shop on Wednesday afternoon. Upon her return minutes later to check, it was missing and the matter was reported to Police.

Upon enquiry, Police managed to apprehend the suspect who works for the same coffee shop and recovered all the items and some of the money. The hang bag was returned to the owner who had left the country yesterday while the man is still in custody waiting to be charge.

Alleged Rape case in Labasa

A 51 year old businessman of Labasa who influenced a 34 year old woman from Sigatoka to travel to Labasa to be healed by his witchcraft powers is in police custody after she alleges that she was raped by him at a hotel in Labasa.

The suspect told the woman who was sick that he can heal her sickness since he is practicing witchcraft.

The woman travelled to Labasa and booked into a hotel with the man for healing purposes. Whilst in the room, the witch doctor was alleged to have raped the victim.

Investigations are now continuing.



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