Police urge safety for new school term

ACP Rusiate Tudravu.

Fiji Police Force Chief Operations Officer (COO) Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Rusiate Tudravu has directed for Police presence as the new school term commences tomorrow.

ACP Tudravu has issued a directive to all Divisional Police Commanders to have their men based at all school crossings and also ensure smooth traffic flow.

On the same note, ACP Tudravu is calling on all road users to practice safety as school children will once again be on the road for the new school term.

“Police will be present to see that students cross at the safest point and also to see that motorist take caution when approaching school crossing,” said ACP Tudravu.

Motorists are urged to slow down once approaching pedestrian crossings, schools or bus stops.

The head of operations has also called on school bus drivers to practice safety at all times and see that students traveling in their bus to behave and ensure that they get off at the right safe spot.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility and should be practiced by all road users especially during the first day of school.

“We are urging teachers to give their students a few road safety tips while they are in school. We are also urging parents to do the same before their children leave for school,” said ACP Tudravu.

Police will be out and about monitoring students and traffic during the early morning rush.

The road death toll now stands at 25 compared to 14 in the same period last year.


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