The Hon. Minister for Youth and Sports Laisenia Tuitubou has welcomed comments made by communities in Kadavu on how government can improve services for Fijian youths.

The Minister is leading a delegation comprising senior officials from the Youth and Sports Ministry to Kadavu. Here, the Minister met different youth groups and held talks with them on the challenges they faced and the different measures that could be implemented to address these challenges.

During talks with the youths of Yawe and Tavuki districts, the Minister pointed out that Government has received recommendations, proposals and challenges faced by some communities including youth groups.

“We have received a few critical opinions and our core service was critiqued by some people during the public consultation we’ve had so far and I have urged my staff to accept criticism and to turn it into opportunity and not view them as obstacles,” he stated.

Minister Tuitubou reminded them of Government’s commitment to facilitate and see that the potential of young Fijians are met.

“The ministry’s service is one that is very important because we serve the young people who will lead the country in the future,” he said.

“Our visit to your province is aimed at identifying ways we can improve our service and also as a means of bringing our services to young people and seeing as the ministry’s core responsibility is youth and sport development, we have always kept you in our minds and plans,” he added.

The Minister also made special mention of a taskforce that has been established to address the needs and requests made by communities and youths during public consultation.

“There is now a taskforce which has been set up in the ministry and they have completed 70 per cent of the requests and issues which were brought up by youth groups and the remaining issues are being looked at with the line ministries to resolve them as quickly as possible,” he stated.

He pointed out that the FijiFirst government would continue to assist every Fijian, irrespective of economic status.

“I therefore urge you to work together and also to keep in mind that government is here to help you too, so it is important that you work with us to ensure you receive the maximum rewards,” Minister Tuitubou added.

Natumua Youth Group secretary Mosese Cakau expressed his gratitude on behalf of the club to the Minister’s delegation for the visit.

“I know that this will be a morale booster for us as youths seeing the head of the ministry come down to our level and to talk with us regarding our development”, Mr Cakau said.

The Hon. Minister met with a total of 21 youth representatives from the districts of Naceva, Ravitaki, Nabukelevu, Yawe and Tavuki. As this is a ‘phase 1’ tour, the Minister will tour other parts of Kadavu on a later date. This includes a tour to the districts of Yale, Ono and Sanima.



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