The International Women’s Association (IWA) was commended by the President His Excellency, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau for their efforts in assisting women and children as part of their charitable projects in Fiji.


This follows the opening of the refurbished IWA Lau Women’s Ward by President Nailatikau at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital (CWM) today.


“IWA is a non-profit charitable organization with members from overseas and Fiji dedicated to promoting and assisting in the physical, social and educational welfare of the disadvantaged women and children in Fiji. The Association has achieved so much in such a short time which is commendable,” Ratu Epeli said.


The President added that IWA Lau Women’s ward has 18 beds and features new equipment such as an ECG machine, cardiac defibrillator, wheelchairs, weight scales and emergency trolley with renovations of ceiling and windows and new furniture all worth over $100,000.


“In February this year, IWA raised funds to enable them to undertake this significant project and CWM is fortunate that IWA chose to renovate the Lau Women’s Ward which was in dire need of an upgrade and in need of medical equipment.”

Ratu Epeli said that in the past three years, IWA have spent in excess of over $400,000 at the CWM Hospital supporting various health initiatives.


In 2013, a substantial amount was donated for the transformation of the former Oxfam clinic now a Wellness center at CWM. In 2014, a series of donation were directed towards local sustainability in education initiatives with 19 outreach packages aimed at reaching the poorer communities of the country.


This empowered health care workers with the necessary equipment to facilitate their jobs and to strengthen their contraception reach and cervical cancer screening.


Additional donations consisting of $10,000 for equipment’s to furnish procedure room at the pediatric oncology unit, $5,000 for the Fiji Blind Society, $10,000 to the Rama Krishna Mission towards their telemedicine and $35,000 for the Hilton organization for their new audiology unit to facilitate tests for auditory brain step which was a first for Fiji.


The President of IWA, Bubby Mohan said the Association has a lot of pride for the project work undertaken in the fields of health and education.


“We are already in discussion for providing assistance to the Accident and Emergency Department of CWM. IWA will be providing trauma kits with equipment that is valued at $40, 000,” Ms Mohan said.


IWA has over 100 members consisting of 27 different nationalities which focus on women and children empowerment and projects in areas of health and education.

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