Photo: Ministry of Health officers with DPP team at the Prosecution Workshop.

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Christopher Pryde has reminded staff from the Ministry of Health of time management and professionalism at a prosecution workshop today. 

A series of workshops and courses are being developed and run by the Office of the DPP for health inspectors and tobacco control enforcement officers involved in prosecuting or intending to prosecute.

“This is to equip you with the minimum skills necessary to discharge your responsibilities as prosecutors in court and to set minimum standards for prosecutions in Fiji,” Mr Pryde said.

Mr Pryde highlighted to the 30 participants, the duties to the court and urged them to be familiar with court procedures.

“You must treat the Magistrate or the Judge hearing the case with the utmost respect. This includes knowing when to stand when the magistrate enters the court, knowing how to introduce yourself and knowing how to lead your case,” Mr Pryde said.

Head of Tobacco Control Unit, Aminiasi Tavui said the workshop is helpful for health inspectors and tobacco enforcement officers who mainly deal with prosecution and litigation.

“The participants are from all sub-divisions based in rural local authorities. This workshop is important as health inspectors deal with a number of laws  that will gear them to better prosecute and gain knowledge on court proceedings,”  Mr Tavui said.

Mr Pryde said prosecutors need to be in the right court at the right time and there would be zero tolerance for people who are late to court.

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