The Public Service Commission, through its Training and Workforce Development Division, will be conducting a series of workshops that aim to facilitate the capacity building of human resource management within the Civil Service.

The Public Service Commission is currently restructuring itself  to realign its’ work activities with the provisions of the 2013 Constitution. Under the 2013 Constitution, Human Resource responsibilities have been decentralized to the individual Ministries under the leadership of the Permanent Secretaries and Heads of Agencies. The Public Service Commission which was the central Human Resource Agency of the Government now looks to impart knowledge and coordinate training for Senior Personnel on human resource management issues. In line with these responsibilities, the Public Service Commission will reinforce support to these units through information sharing.

With the added responsibilities of Human Resource management, such workshops will assist the Human Resource Divisions of every Ministry. Furthermore, this will ensure smooth running of their respective agencies as well as the Government as a whole through the implementation of sound Human Resource practices.

Focusing mainly on the issue of good governance in recruitment processes, the workshop has the following broad objectives:

·         To allow participants to seek clarifications on their roles and responsibilities in ensuring the practice of good governance in human resource recruitment processes

·         To expose participants to best practices in Human Resource (HR) recruitment; and

·         To provide a platform for discussion on collaborative action in the best interests of public service in this field.

The expected outcomes of each workshop is to equip participants with a sound understanding of good governance and to continue to understand and maintain high levels of professionalism and standards in civil service recruitment processes.

The target participants for this workshop will be Permanent Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries, and Directors responsible for respective Human Resource Divisions. There will be 30 participants per Workshop which will cover a period of 3 days involving lectures, presentations and group discussions. The workshop is expected to be undertaken next month.


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