Public encouraged to learn healthy farming

Caption: volunteers at the Compost Workshop. Photo: MARGARET NAQIRI.


OISCA Fiji is encouraging all people to don’t put kitchen, poultry and piggery to waste but build compost for a healthy future in farming.

Speaking at the Compost Workshop- clean School Program 2013, OISCA Fiji Agro-forestry Development Project Officer Ratu Celua Vuratu said they have signed a Memorandum of Association with Sigatoka Town Council to practice recycling waste with the public.

“We recycle the waste and twenty percent of it is given back to the town council and eighty percent we use it on our farm,” he said.

Vuratu mentioned that people are responding well to the recycling training.

“Market vendors come three times a week for the training which is a good feedback,” he said.

Vuratu highlighted that they use Lime in doing compost in their farm.

“We receive different wastes from the market, so we add lime to control its structure,” he said.

The workshop is being held at the Chamber of the Nadi Town Council and attended by more than fourty volunteers from Nadi Town Council, JICA, Schools and other councils.

It ends  today at 1pm.

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