Punjas Signed Up with Digicel


Digicel Fiji’s Chief Executive Officer Darren McLean and the Punjas and Sons Managing Director Nitin Punja. Photo: Supplied

The Punjas Group has switched their entire mobile telecommunication services to Digicel Fiji.
This was announced but Digicel Fiji on Friday 17 April at the Punjas Head Office in Lautoka.
Digicel Fiji’s Chief Executive Officer Darren McLean said they were delighted to have such a well-respected corporate like Punjas joining the list of customers that are not only leveraging Fiji’s best data network but are taking advantage of significant cost saving on their mobile bills.
He said that it is when they work with partners like this that demand cutting edge services where they can really see the benefit of Digicel’s $70million network upgrade investment that was completed last year.
“This is a fantastic win for Digicel Fiji and it also highlights the growing strategic alliance between the two companies that have a significant footprint both in Fiji and throughout the Pacific,” said Mr McLean.
In welcoming the Punjas Group, Mr McLean said one result that will be felt immediately by Punjas is the effect of this deal to the bottom line and Punjas monthly mobile telecom bill will be significantly reduced.
Punjas and Sons Managing Director Nitin Punja said they went through an extensive bid process ensuring they got the best deal in the market.
“Communication is the lifeblood of our business and hence there was a need to ensure we got a quality service at the best rates,” said Mr Punja.
He said Digicel Fiji made the process easy, and they look forward to a long partnership.

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