Caption: Hon. Minister for Youth and Sports Laisenia Tuitubou with some youths of Ra Methodist Youth Fellowship. Photo: DEPTFO.

Members of the Ra Methodist Youth Fellowship were yesterday called to remain aware of the changing demographics of today’s modern society.

While addressing more than 500 young people of the Ra Methodist Youth Fellowship during their rally, the Honourable Minister for Youth and Sports Laisenia Tuitubou emphasized the importance of maintaining sound values and principles.

“In today’s drastically changing global society, coupled with the need to revitalize and strengthen the weakening mind-sets of today’s youth around the world, we are required to keep ourselves grounded in good Christian values.

“Values that will have a telling hand in how well you, the youth of this country, lead your lives towards the future,” said Minister Tuitubou.

Minister Tuitubou also said that young people were usually influenced into making wrong decisions which could greatly affect their future.

“Today’s young people face many more challenges and problems than perhaps any other previous generation and many young people, including those who did well in examinations are not exempt from social and health problems which are on the rise,” said Minister Tuitubou.

“These include; alcohol and drug abuse, teenage pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and AIDS as well as unemployment and this has in one way or another led many young people to begin a life of crime and when caught they land in jail and henceforth scar their future forever.”

Minister Tuitubou also encouraged the youths of the respective circuits making up the Ra MYF to always remain positive and not to be weighed down by doubt in order to address these issues and ultimately achieve their goals.

“You are coming of age in transformative times, marked by rapid change and shifting demographics but you are also a vital source of ideas, renewal and optimism for our society,” said Minister Tuitubou.

“As a result, your capacity and confidence to conquer these trials of life will be enhanced and I hope to inspire all of us to shape the future of our nation through basic human values, your faith and virtues.”

Ra Methodist Youth Fellowship president Sakiusa Kaitani said that the Hon. Minister’s message was a timely one in the midst of the challenges faced by youths of the province.

“The presence and message of the Honourable Minister was a welcome one for Ra MYF because we also face the same issues and we are hopeful to work with the Ministry in the future in order for us to receive the assistance and programmes offered by the Government,” said Mr Kaitani.

The Ra Methodist Youth Fellowship also held their inaugural choir competition which was won by youths of Rakiraki Methodist Circuit.


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