Raculo is Fiji's wildcard to Volcom Fiji Pro

By JOHN PHILP of Fiji Surfing Association

In trying conditions on Wednesday at Cloudbreak Ratu Aca Raculo of Cuvu village overpowered Isei Tokovou to win the coveted wildcard final and became Fiji’s entrant in the professional world tour event – the Volcom Fiji Pro 2013 which starts Sunday June 2nd at Cloudbreak and Tavarua Island.

The 29-year-old Raculo works as a boatman on Tavarua Island and Cloudbreak is considered his home break.

He is a silver medalist in the Pacific Games surfing Samoa 2007. Also the sliver medalist to Isei Tokovou in the Melanesian Cup, New Caledonia 2010.

He was previously Fiji’s wildcard in the Globe Fiji Pro 2005, also hosted at Tavarua Islands, reaching the second round that year.

More info on the Volcom Fiji Pro can be found at www.volcomfijipro.com

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