Caption: Fulton Hogan Hiways completing major roadwork at the Kings Road and Ratu Dovi Road intersection.

 August 4, 2015. At one of the busier intersections in Suva, Fulton Hogan Hiways has completed roadwork that has helped smooth the way for motorists travelling off the Kings Road onto Ratu Dovi Road, an alternate route into the city.
Fulton Hogan Hiways Construction Manager, Phil Tombs said that the intersection near Laqere Bridge has been in very poor condition for a number of years. He added that the stabilizing crew had carried out a double lift of cement stabilizing over the large section of failed pavement.
“The uneven surface of the intersection made it unsafe for road users so we needed to enhance its strength and resistance to damage caused by traffic and weather. We have ensured its strength with a robust layer of asphalt laid over to top of the double lift stabilized pavement. ”
Mr. Tombs again reiterated the voice of other workers in the company in urging motorists to slow down and drive safely through road maintenance sites as “safety of our work crews and the public is our number one priority.”
Fulton Hogan Hiways continues its maintenance and renewals work across the Central, Eastern and Northern Division working closely with the Fiji Roads Authority.


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