Ravoka to join East Asia Pacific team

Fiji Cricket is pleased to announce that Fiji Cricketer Sekove Ravoka will be leaving our shores on Saturday August 10 to join the East Asia Pacific cricket team in Brisbane for the Asia Pacific Rising Stars Trophy scheduled for August 12-17.

The EAP team is comprised of players from Vanuatu, Fiji, Samoa, Japan and Papua New Guinea. Ravoka was selected along with Tukana Tavo after an impressive performance in the ICCEAP T20 qualifiers in New Zealand and the Division 7 World Cricket League Qualifiers in Botswana earlier this year, with the latter however opting for peacekeeping duties in Golan Heights.

The duo had been selected by ICCEAP along with other national representatives from the Asia Pacific region. The tournament is aimed at providing regional cricketers with the opportunity to demonstrate their impressive talents at an international level.

Cricket Fiji chief executive officer Inoke Lesuma said Ravoka worked hard and deserved the opportunity provided.

“Sekove deserves to be in the team. It would have been better if we had an extra two players. He is a batsman and a reserve wicket keeper and he did well in New Zealand and Botswana with good batting averages.”

“He still has another five years to play, so the exposure that he will gain from the tournament will be very valuable to the national team for the 2014 EAP qualifiers.”

Cricket Fiji wishes Ravoka well in the week long tournament which will be held at the Redlands Cricket Club in Brisbane.


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