29th July 2015
Close to twenty officers were reminded of the need to share their knowledge and experiences learned from various mission areas.

The officers were away overseas for a year of tour of duty under the United Nations Mission in Liberia, United Nation Mission in South Sudan and Multinational Forces Observers Mission.

The three day workshop is part of the organization’s efforts to reintegrate the officers not only with regards to the everyday duties of a police officer, but developments that have occurred at national level.

In opening the three day course, Acting Commissioner of Police Isikeli Ligairi said the officers had a lot to offer the organisation in terms of developing human resources and capabilities.

“Over the next few days you will hear about changes that have occurred not only within but on the national front and the onus is on you to understand, familiarize and update yourselves with what has happened as it will have an impact on your work”.

“Whether you have served with UNMISS, UNMIL or MFO you served under the mandate of the United Nations and you would have learned a lot working with many police organisations from across the globe, so take this knowledge and share it within”.

The officers will be hearing from various facilitators from the Units such as Human Resources, Legal, Operations and Media to have a better understanding of what developments had occurred during their time away from home.

Acting Commissioner Ligairi also reminded the returning officers to ensure they spend quality time with their families.

“Your families would have gone through a difficult time dealing with the separation for over a year and they would have heard and read about things that would have unsettled them”.

“Make sure you spend time to talk about things and you should all have a raised level of patience to understand and clear any doubts that would have surfaced during your time away”.

The workshop currently being held at the Fiji Police Academy ends this Friday.

Press Release

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