Really Sky Pacific!

Premila Kumar. Photo: SHALENDRA PRASAD.

The Consumer Council of Fiji denounces Fiji Television Limited’s claim that they are receiving “positive feedback on some of the new channels”.

This is nothing but bait thrown by Fiji Television to calm down the uproar among the thousands of the Sky Pacific subscribers over the change in the channel line-up.

The Council is baffled with Fiji Television’s claim because it continues to receive complaints from angry and disappointed consumers demanding the restoration of the Sky Pacific channels which have been removed.

It is hard to believethat positive reviews are being received by Fiji Television, otherwise, we would not have had our phones ringing every five minutes with Sky Pacific subscribers venting their frustration out to us.

We continue to receive written complaints through emails, letters and some subscribers visiting our office with their grievances.

If anything, the subscribers are raising concerns over the poor picture quality, loads of telemarketing and old movies which they get for their $49. Some subscribers are questioning the content of the new channels in terms of getting value for their money.

Some subscribers are signing a petition which they have sent to us which clearly says that “Sky Pacific is avoiding our phone calls, emails even faxes. That is not how corporate bodies deal with their clients.”

The Council once again calls on Fiji Television to make public these customer reviews they keep talking about (as reported in Fiji Sun (08/Aug)We need transparency and Fiji Television must provide this information to all its 20,000 plus subscribers. We request MIDA to verify this information since this issue is of public interest.

We understand that Fiji Television may not have been able to  secure territorial clearance in PNG but what we fail to comprehend is – why should Fijian subscribers including 10 other countries be made to sacrifice?

We reiterate our call to Fiji Television to explore ways to bring back at least some popular channels.

All eyes are now on Fiji Television – there is certainly a way forward!



Ms. Premila Kumar


Consumer Council of Fiji

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