Following a series of changes in the Fuel and LPG prices, the Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Hon. Faiyaz Siddiq Koya today announced reductions in the prices of both fuel and LPG. The latest price review indicates a reduction in fuel prices in the range of 4.5 to 8 per cent, whilst LPG prices have reduced by as much as 3.3 per cent.

The fourth quarter price assessment, by the Fiji Commerce Commission, has indicated that due to the declining international prices of Fuel and LPG, the Fijian consumers will continue enjoying further reduced prices.

The reduction in fuel prices will come into effect on 15 October 2015 and are as follows:

· Motor Spirit will reduce by 10 cents from $2.21 to $2.11 per litre;

· Premix will reduce by 10 cents from $2.09 to $1.99 per litre;

· Kerosene will reduce by 11 cents from $1.36 to $1.25 per litre; and

· Diesel will reduce by 15 cents from $1.79 to $1.64 per litre.

The new pricing template and methodology adopted by the Fijian Government in 2012 has assured the Fijian consumers that the local prices reflect movements in the International prices. The international prices for LPG and Fuel have fallen in the last three months and the local consumers will benefit from this the price reductions announced today.

The reduction of LPG prices will also come into effect on 15 October 2015 and are as follows:

· 4.5 kg cylinder will reduce by 43 cents from $13.40 to $12.97 ;

· 12 kg cylinder will reduce by $1.15 from $35.73 to $34.58;

· Bulk per kg will reduce by 8 cents from $2.40 to $2.32 ; and

· Auto Gas per litre will reduce by 3 cents from $1.66 to $1.63;

Further to the fuel and LPG price reduction, the current pricing structure for the various geographical markets in Fiji has also been revised and realigned as part of this review. Prior to this review we had 12 price schedules reflecting prices for different parts of Fiji.

For the purpose of this review and all future reviews, the number of schedules has been reduced from 12 to 6 to account for the improved accessibility of transport services in the maritime and rural areas, increased volumes and improved distribution network. The realigned schedules also bring about greater equality in prices in different locations and ensure that all Fijians enjoy similar prices. Ultimately this means that consumers in the rural and outer areas are not disadvantaged and are afforded similar prices as in urban area city centres. In fact, the new schedules have reduced the price differential between areas at the retail level to approximately 3cents and less.

While we enjoy the reductions in the prices of fuel, we as consumers need to be mindful of our responsibility and use fuel wisely.

Despite the Pacific Island Countries contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions rates is estimated at approximately at 0.03 percent, we are facing the brunt of the adverse impact of change. The consumption of fuel is a significant contributor to the carbon dioxide emission and climate change patterns.

The Fijian Government, let by our Hon. Prime Minister, has taken lead role in calling for the world leaders to support the Pacific Islands in their fight against climate change. The Bainimarama Government believes in walking the talk and has developed several policies to ensure that our climate is protected and sustained for the future Fijians.

To this end, and recognizing that the quality of fuel contributes significantly towards climate change, the Fijian Government plans to improve the standard of fuel. This will result in cleaner fuel being imported and used in Fiji and reduction in sulphide oxide emissions. The decreasing world market prices resulting in lower domestic prices provide an ideal platform to herald in the new fuel standards. The new and improved standards will ensure a cleaner environment and will enable import of better technology vehicles, which will benefit all Fijians.

As we have stated in the past, Fiji is a price taker and we have no control over what happens in the international marketplace.

The Fijian Government looks forward to all the Fijian’s embracing the principle of sustainable development as we continue to build a better Fiji for all.


Honourable Faiyaz Siddiq Koya

Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism


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