Nanuku settlement in Vatuwaqa .Photo:SUPPLIED.


More than 30 people turned up at the Nanuku Settlement Methodist Church Hall to voice their concerns during the National Development Consultations yesterday.

The residents of Vatuwaqa gathered in unison to speak to the NDP team on the issues they faced as a community over the years.

Shakuntla Devi, who spoke on behalf of the women in Nanuku said that the area was in dire need of basic necessities.

“Most of us have children and have been living here for many years and face daily problems of not having access to electricity, water, proper street lights, drainage and roads,” Mrs Devi said.

“This is an opportunity for us to speak up and we request the government to hear our pleas and address the challenges that we face in our daily lives.”

Reverend Timoci Volavola also echoed the same sentiments and requested if the land they lived on could be allocated to them.

“We request if government can clear the land for us and if not then resettle us as we are ready to move.”

Strategic Planning Office Economic Planning Officer, Mr Sandip Kumar said concerns have been noted by the team and they would look into the land issue first so as to enable the provision of necessities such as water and electricity.

The NDP consultations at Nanuku bring an end to the third week of the consultation phase in the central division.

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