Rotary Club of Nadi Provides Immediate Relief to Abandoned Couple


Nadi, Fiji – Members of the Rotary Club of Nadi were quickly mobilised in response to a plea for assistance by an elderly couple who were abandoned and left homeless by their children.

Jai Prasad (68) and his wife Pushpa Wati (67) have had to relocate after being left homeless by their children (4 sons) who abandoned them 8 days ago.

They were blessed by the kindness of Mr, Singh, a Sabeto community member, who allocated a portion of his farm to the couple who have set up home.

Rotary Club of Nadi members gathered and paid a visit to Jai and Pushpa, and donated necessary items valued at approximately $500 to give the couple a new lease of life. The items donated included:IMG_5988
• a gas stove
• a gas tank
• groceries (consisting of basic food and household consumables)
• clothing and linen
• a mattress
• crockery
• pots and pans

The senior citizens have begun farming the land allocated to them by planting cabbage, beans and herbs to provide for their basic daily meals.

Rotary Club of Nadi President, Hemant Kumar shared, “The couple had nowhere to go and had no belongings so Rotary had to immediately step in to assist with the resources that were available to us.”

The Rotary Club of Nadi is also assisting with organising an application for welfare payments with the Ministry for Social Welfare, Women and Poverty Alleviation.IMG_5998



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