Caption:The Whiteford  sisters.From left:Lauren, Josie and Tara.


Twenty-two year old Rugby referee Ms Tara Whiteford chose to volunteer in Fiji with Projects Abroad for two weeks under the Teaching Project.

Tara left teaches a student from the Saunaka Holiday school

Tara left teaches a student from the Saunaka Holiday school.

Tara who volunteered with her two sisters was extremely satisfied with her two weeks spent at Saunaka village teaching the children at Holiday School.  Their everyday programme would include fun activities prepared by the volunteers.

“In the mornings we usually have a warm up game then we have a lesson based on the theme for the week example Personal space is the theme for this week.  After, we organize a writing activity in which we sometimes make thank you cards and story writing followed by a game of rugby in the afternoon,” Tara enthused.

Of course Tara believes that this initiative has kept the children of Saunaka village occupied during their summer break.

“I feel that it’s very important for children to be occupied during their holidays and receive access to great fun activities that will keep them out of trouble,” she remarked.

“Projects Abroad Fiji has helped provide for this need for children which gives something to them to do during their free time, so it’s a purposeful, educational and valuable programme for them,” she added.

Tara says that it is definitely a learning experience that will help her future.

“For me this experience is awesome for my future.  I work with children in Australia and it’s really cool to spend time with other children and being able to view the different ways kids play rugby from different cultures is remarkable,” she opined.

“Yes, I’m a bit of a rugby fanatic and so are the children in Fiji which is why we play rugby during our Sports time,” she added.

Ms. Whitefords explains her two most memorable experiences in Fiji.

“I have two best experiences in Fiji, one would be the thank you cards that we receive from the children which was really thoughtful of them. And Second would be the Rugby. The kids are always asking about that every morning and I’m always looking forward to each game.”

As for the culture Tara shares the beauty of living in the Community life.

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