Photo: Ambassador Kamlesh Arya. 



Congratulations Fiji for celebrating the 44th Anniversary of the Independence of Our Nation Fiji. As a nation we have come a long way although some parts of our history have been turbulent and challenging. The Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji is proud to be part of pre and post independent Fiji.

“As a nation with diverse racial and religious background we have shown resilience in the face of turbulence and calamities and we have risen to each occasion in unity and that is the biggest strength we have,” said Mr. Kamlesh Arya, Media Relations Officer of the Sabha.

“We celebrate the 44th anniversary of our independence under the banner of common name and equal citizenry and for us all Fijians this is a milestone achievement and the Sabha strongly believes that this is the proudest moments of our collective, peaceful achievement,” commented Mr. Arya.

“This year’s independence celebrations are dovetailed with the opening of the parliamentary governance, after eight years of absence and this doubles the joy of the celebrations,” stated Mr. Arya.

“The Sabha believes that all Fijians need to hold the needs and aspirations of the Nation above personal issues and endeavour towards contributing positively to nation building,” he said.

It is Sabha’s fervent belief that collectively we can overcome the social prejudices, bring about religious tolerance and build a harmonious platform for peaceful coexistence for generations to come,” said Mr. Arya.

Fijian laughter and Fiji’s hospitality are internationally renowned and we must endeavour to use momentous occasions such as this to showcase the diversity we that forms our national strength, stated Mr. Arya.

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