Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji Media Relations Officer Ambassador Kamlesh Arya. 

The Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji supports the nation’s call to free the 45 Fijian Peacekeepers taken hostage in Syria seven days ago without further delay and allow them to return home to their loved one safely.

Fijian military engagement at Golan Heights is one of peacekeeping and ensuring that the ordinary people can go about their daily life without hassle. Given the scenario, hostage taking of peacekeepers defies all logic and international norms.

The Sabha has been in silent prayers since the deal unfolded last Friday and will continue doing so until the voices are heard and our man are freed.

We Fijians in the Military have left a remarkable and indelible mark in international peacekeeping process as we venture into places to maintain peace where others dread to go and the Sabha strongly appreciates the international support that has come on board to free our brave sons from unwarranted captivity.

“I had the personal privilege of being at Golan Heights in 1987 and meet our soldiers station at Golan Heights and Sinai on several occasions in Tel Aviv over a 3 week period whilst on Labour Training and the soldiers were highly regarded by the local people,” stated Kamlesh Arya, Media Relations Officer of the Sabha.

The Sabha believes that this is an unfortunate incident to our calling to international peace and as a nation we all need to rally behind the efforts being made to get our soldiers released harmless.

It may be an early sign that our efforts to help maintain international peace in war torn areas is not welcomed and our soldiers valour and reputation is seen by the rebel and elements as an impediment to their cause, said Mr. Arya.

The Sabha and its members will continue with their prayer processes nationwide for the safety and security of the 45 gallant soldiers of Fiji and the comfort to the families whose loved ones are held captive for unjustifiable reasons.

As always, God be with them and their families in these hours of anguish and uncertainties.

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