Sangam makes a difference

Sangam Fiji Foundation in conjunction with Vodafone Fiji Foundation took another mile stone by joining Vodafone Fiji’s world of Difference programme and helping needy and vulnerable students in rural areas.

An agricultural symposium has been conducted in Sangam schools to educate and empower students on the importance of backyard gardening using holistic methods.

“The main objective of this project is to empower and educate students in backyard gardening using resources available around us, such as tyres, gallons, plastic bottles, cups, et-cetera,” TISI Sangam youth officer Jitendra Naidu said.

“More emphasis should be given to agriculture (backyard gardening) and other organisations should also join in hands and educate and empower people in rural areas for fresh produce,” Mr Naidu added.

Sangam Fiji Foundation also distributed stationeries to disadvantaged students in rural areas.


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