SAWENI BEACH- Misused and Mismanaged


Saweni beach located few minutes away from the city of Lautoka is a leisure destination for many. Cars arrive at the beach during the day on weekdays, as well as weekends. Many come there for a swim in the ocean.

Some of course come for partying and having a good time with their friends and family. Whatever the reason they may come, many seems to leave very nasty memories behind: the amount of garbage left behind is large.

Tins, wrappers, plastic bottles can be seen not only on the beach front but even among the bushes. In fact some in an attempt to burn the waste have burnt the trees.

Beach for the biologists and environmental scientists is the home of animals and plants which live within the intertidal zone. Beach is also the protection between the sea and the land. Whatever people do on the beach, removal of mangroves, constructions lead to washing away of the sand from the beach to the sea.

A country such as Fiji needs to be mindful of the fact climate change is already having a negative impact on the marine life.

This is a small plea for all who use Saweni beach to be mindful of the fact they are destroying a valuable resource.

Even though garbage bins are kept at the beach, no one seems to be clearing them; hence garbage is spilling out from the garbage bins.

The students at Fiji National University are now attempting to come up with an effective management plan for Saweni, but it would not be possible to make it a success unless all cooperate.

Looking forward to creating a cleaner Saweni beach,



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