Students of Lautoka celebrating Fiji Day.

Lautoka city was a sea of blue as hundreds turned out to mark the celebration of 44 years of independence at Churchill Park.

Assistant Minister for Agriculture Hon. Joeli Cawaki was the chief guest at the celebration and said Fiji’s independence this year was something to cherish by every Fijian.

“Fiji has indeed come a long way since 1970 when we were given the instruments of independence by Prince Charles. During the past 44 years our beloved Fiji has experienced rapid growth and development and has encountered big challengers during these years of being independent, but we have always managed to move forward towards a positive progress with steady development which we can all proudly say that we have made it,” he said.

“It is an independence to remember as this year for the first time; the rights of all races who call Fiji their home are recognized!  We have achieved a fair and level playing field where all Fijians are equally accepted, appreciated and valued! This is a remarkable achievement for Fiji and we must congratulate ourselves for building cohesiveness and oneness! That is UNITY, not only in name but also in deed!”

With the theme “Celebrating Fiji’s New Dawn” he reflected on the achievements of the nation including the first ever “truly free, truly fair elections”.

“We now have assembled the building blocks for our new democracy, namely the Constitution, a new Parliament and a newly elected Government. We the people of Fiji need to all join hands and work together towards a just, economically, financially and socially strong and vibrant multicultural society.”

“I challenge you to continue the good works and the sacrifices and commitments that uphold this nation together and better our lives for our future generations as the Celebrating of a New Dawn is truly up to us and I believe we are on the threshold of achieving even greater heights”.

“I would like to remind us to continue to move positively towards the new dawn of tomorrow and support the democratically elected Government, which our Prime Minister has stated clearly that this is the Government for the people, no matter what is your race, religion, your gender, or your political allegiance. Your elected Government is committed to serving you, the people of Fiji,” he added.


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