Securing Safe Water Sources For Fiji’s Remote Communities

Caption:Dawasamu Secondary School

Wellington., 20 February, 2014 – A water security programme has increased both drinking and general water holding capacity for more than 1,000 people across five villages and three islands in the Northern Yasawas, Fiji.

Since its beginnings in early 2013, The MWH Global Water Security Project has funded and installed 12 new rain water harvesting systems (tanks) and improved the piping and catchment efficiency across numerous existing systems. In total, this project has enabled access to more than 255,500 litres worth of drinking water holding capacity in the villages of the Northern Yasawas.

A new MWH water system ready for use

A new MWH water system ready for use.

MWH Global made the (NZ) $10,000 donation to Global Vision International (GVI) and the charity assisted it in ensuring the project’s success.

“As a company our ethos of Building a Better World is an inherent principal that guides our business and our lives as individuals. We aspire to leave a positive, lasting impact on people and the planet,” said Mike Rudge, MWH Fiji Network Manager. “What we do in the community is just as valuable as the infrastructure we build. Our commitment to Fiji is to bring about a sustained improvement to the country’s national roading network. However, with more than 150 years of experience in the water infrastructure sector, MWH has the history and expertise to provide innovative water solutions. Water is the lifeblood of our communities and we are delighted that we have been able to bring about a positive long-term solution for many people.”

“What has been so impressive to see is how the project has made such an incredible impact in such a very short period of time,” said Daniel Lund, Fiji Country Director for GVI. The communities of the Northern Yasawas are some of the most vulnerable to water shortages and this situation was amplified following the destruction of Cyclone Evan in 2012. The MWH Water Security Project has increased the capacity of water collection and storage, put in place long-term water management and maintenance programmes and improved water quality and awareness.

Matacawelevu, Naisisili, Vuaki, Navotua and Nacula Villages as well as the Enedala Settlement have all benefited from the project. In addition, MWH funds helped contribute to the construction of composting toilets, hand-washing facilities and lessons in water conservation at Ratu Meli Memorial Primary School (Nacula Village, Yasawas), Navunisea Primary School and The Dawasamu Secondary School (Dawasamu District of Viti Levu). These activities, paired with improvements to the water systems in the schools compounds, have created a solid base for ongoing education and hygiene.

In January 2012, MWH Global was awarded a five year contract by the Fiji Government to assist it in establishing the new Fiji Roads Authority (FRA), and to build and maintain the country’s 10,000 kilometers of roads, its 1000 bridges and 44 jetties.

Navotua villagers celebrate establishement of new water system.

Navotua villagers celebrate establishement of new water system.

In the next few years a major reseal and rehabilitation programme is to be implemented across Fiji’s entire road network together with the replacement of unsafe bridges and improvements to traffic signals and streetlights.

This game changing project, its systems, processes and objectives is now being brought to the attention of other governments in the region including Papua New Guinea, which is increasingly focusing on its infrastructure as its economy continues to grow at one of the fastest rates in the Asia Pacific.

About MWH Global

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