Earlier this year, Vodafone Fiji launched Fiji’s first local App-Store – V-app Store. “The idea behind the launch of a local Appstore was to have localized apps for local situation that serve local needs. Apps like shopping, banking, cinema, news, sports, information, lifestyle, travel, education & fashion could all be customized for the Fiji market which will add greater value for all of us in Fiji context, says Vodafone’s General Manager Sales, Mr. Rajnesh Prasad”.

Shop N Save’s chief Executive Officer Mr. Kavishay Abhimannu during the launch.

Shop N Save’s chief Executive Officer Mr. Kavishay Abhimannu during the launch.

We welcome onboard Shop n Save on Vodafone’s V-App Store as they open a new business and shopping experience for its customers. It is the first Supermarket app for Fiji. The Shop n Save App is free to download exclusively from V-App store among many other exciting apps already available through Vodafone’s V-App store”, said Prasad.

Shop N Save’s chief Executive Officer Mr. Kavishay Abhimannu; We are delighted to be the first retail supermarket chain to step into the exciting world of connected shopping through mobile phones in our local market. As a first step, we offer our customers instant access to our specials as they are announced, updates regarding new product lines and the ability to contact us on phone or email directly from their mobile devices. Customers can also use this App to get information of interest such as upcoming products and exciting campaigns like the Shop N Save-Vodafone Txt N Win competition.

Depending on market acceptance, we will consider adding richer functionality such as the ability to check the price of any product in our range, online shopping from mobile and more as part of continuing development of this product.

App is the new buzz word in the business world, says Rajnesh Prasad, the General Manager Sales at Vodafone Fiji. Since the launch of our V-App store, many businesses have approached Vodafone for their own app. We are already in process of developing their applications which would be available through the Vodafone Appstore shortly.

We congratulate Shop n Save on the launch of the App as they embark on their journey towards enhancing their customers’ experience.

Click here to download the app.

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