Skype Allowing Effective Hair Loss Treatment From Afar


A renowned hair loss treatment clinic is offering Skype consultations to anyone that can’t make it to the clinic for a physical consultation.

SRS Hair Clinic has introduced Skype consultations for anyone concerned about their own hair loss that might live too far away from its Auckland clinic – such as in Fiji.

Dr Raj Sidhu, Director of SRS Hair Clinic, says the advent of utilising webcams to conduct a consultation with clients began as a business solution, but it has become a key tool for clients looking for extra convenience.

Despite only having begun Skype consultations less than six months ago, SRS reports strong take-up, with over ten per cent of consultations now being performed via Skype – that vast majority of whom are based overseas in countries like Australia and Fiji.

“For us, there is not a huge difference between consulting in person, versus consultation over Skype,” said Dr Sidhu. “The core procedure is essentially the same as it is when visiting the clinic.

“Using Skype still gives us a dynamic view of the hair, and we combine that with still images sent to us by the client as well as a hair sample – though the latter is not always possible, or essential.

“It provides us with everything we need to advise our valued clients on the best course of action for their specific situation.”

SRS products are 100 percent natural, NZ-made hair loss treatment products, and have been tested to 85 percent efficacy for genuine improvement.

“The market for our product is growing beyond New Zealand,” said Dr Sidhu. “People worldwide are looking for an effective hair loss solution and want to see SRS.

“We are proud to be able to export our natural products around the world – this Skype consultation service is a significant part of allowing that growth to continue.

“Our Skype clients tend to be mostly based out-of-town or overseas – and our biggest markets for Skype consultations have been in Australia and Fiji, as well as Christchurch and some other parts of New Zealand.”

People anywhere in the world that might be suffering from hair thinning, alopecia areata, male or female pattern baldness, or other hair-related issues can book an online consultation with SRS – all consultations are obligation free.

From there, a consultant at the clinic will exchange Skype IDs and request that the client send photographs of their hair and scalp highlighting the problem areas prior to the consultation.

Each consultation requires approximately 45 minutes and covers the same ground as a physical consultation, however the cost of a Skype consultation is significantly reduced; from $50 NZD for a standard consultation down to just $30 NZD.

The client also has the option of sending a hair sample for analysis, although this is not necessary prior to the consultation.

For more information contact:

SRS Hair Clinic

P: +64 (9) 379 6161




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