SPC appoints HR director

Dr Jimmie Rodgers, SPC Director-General, is pleased to announce that he has appointed Ms Christine Croombes to the position of Director of Human Resources.

Ms Croombes, who is originally from the United Kingdom, has worked in Asia, Africa and the UK in a career spanning 30 years.

Ms Christine Croombes. Photo: SUPPLIED.

Ms Christine Croombes. Photo: SUPPLIED.

She has held senior human resource management roles since 1989, beginning in the UK public service.

Since 2006 she has held executive roles in human resources in technical research institutes in developing countries, initially in Gambia as Head of Staff Development and Training with the Medical Research Council, and since 2008 as Director of Human Resources with the International Water Management Institute in Sri Lanka.

Ms Croombes holds two master’s degrees, one in psychology of education and the other in human resource management.

She also has a bachelor of science with honours in psychology and a post-graduate certificate in education. She is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management in the USA, and of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and the Institute of Directors in the UK.


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