Specialist Sub-Committee on Regionalism Decides

21 July 2015
The Specialist Sub-Committee on Regionalism (SSCR) met in Suva from 13−15 July to assess the proposals submitted under the Framework for Pacific Regionalism and decided on a small set of “game-changing” issues requiring Leaders’ attention.

“There were 68 proposals submitted under the Framework, and I can assure the general public that the Sub-Committee reviewed each and every submission,” stated Mr Willy Kostka, the civil society representative on the Sub-Committee. “We spent the whole three days debating and assessing each proposal against the regional tests outlined in the Framework.”

“This was not an easy exercise, but the Sub-Committee agreed to a handful of issues that we consider are potentially game-changing for the region and we recommend should be discussed by Leaders,” explained Mr Kostka.

These priorities will be put to the Forum Officials Committee (FOC) meeting, to be held at the Forum Secretariat headquarters from 12−13 August, and will be placed on the agenda for the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders meeting, that will be held in Port Moresby from 7 – 11 September. A core mandate of the FOC is to set the agenda for Leaders.

The Sub-Committee also made recommendations on initiatives not selected for Leaders consideration. It suggested other Ministerial meetings or existing arrangements, including Council of Regional Organisation in the Pacific (CROP) agencies, that could support further work or action on the issues.

Further advice to organisations and individuals that submitted proposals under the Framework on the outcome of the process will be provided following the Leaders’ meeting in September.

The 68 proposals submitted under the Framework can be viewed on the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat website at http://www.forumsec.org/pages.cfm/strategic-partnerships-coordination/framework-for-pacific-regionalism/regional-initiative-submission.html



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