Week in Review 

The week under review recorded trades in Atlantic & Pacific Packaging Company Limited (APP), Fiji Television Limited (FTV), Fijian Holdings Limited (FHL), Paradise Beverages (Fiji) Limited (PBF) and RB Patel Group Limited (RBG) while garnering an aggregate consideration of $103,805 for the quantity of 30,266 shares that exchanged hands in 38 transactions. FHL was the only stock to witness a price movement amongst the securities trading this week and rose 0.32% to close at $3.10. The increase in the share price for FHL gave a slight ascent of 0.01% to the overall capitalisation of the market, which at close of trading on Friday stood at $811,687,582.

The FHL share price increase combined with a dividend return of 3.05% generated from Fiji TV resulted in the SPSE Total Return Index (STRI) to rise 0.13% to end the trading week at 1920.43. FTV had declared a dividend of $0.09 per share to its shareholders and will be paid on 19th July 2013.

The new order flow on the SPSE e-trading platform remained lively with an aggregate consideration of $191,934 recorded this week. Out of the aggregate order flow value, 64.07% was represented by an interest to purchase securities on SPSE. The week also saw the total shares on bid increase by 2.68% with the total shares on offer also taking an increase of 0.60%.The SPSE bid to offer ratio closed the week at 1:2. FTV now ranks as the widest bid-offer margin security with a spread of $1.24 while FMF still queues as the narrowest bid-offer margin stock with a spread of $0.08.

The listed company market announcements platform remained mostly quiet with only a single announcement recorded for the week. Fiji TV announced that Sky Pacific will be under going a satellite change in July which will impact the subscribers.

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Jinita Prasad

Chief Executive



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