Caption: Jinita Prasad.

Fijian Holdings Limited (FHL), Paradise Beverages (Fiji) Limited (PBF), Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Limited (ATH) and VB Holdings Limited (VBH) were the four securities witnessing trades on the SPSE e-trading platform this week.

In aggregate, 6,283 shares exchanged hands in 8 transactions accumulating $24,623 in value. In terms of price movements, the market heavy weight, ATH and PBF saw price falls of 1.56% and 2.44% resulting in the overall capitalisation of the market to drop 1.01% for the week. The share price for FHL and VBH remains invariable at $3.15 and $3.08 respectively. The market capitalisation ended at a value of $721,965,752.

The SPSE Total Return Index, STRI took a dip of 1.01% as well due to the negative price returns generated by the top two market capitalisation securities, ATH and PBF. The market capitalisation weighted total return index ended the week under review at a value of 1752.10.

In terms of new order flow during the week, a total consideration of $171,657 was recorded on the orders platform.

Out of this aggregate order flow consideration, 72% was represented by an interest to purchase securities on SPSE.

New orders were mostly recorded for FHL, ATH, RB Patel Group Limited (RBG), Atlantic & Pacific Packaging Company Limited (APP) and Fiji Television Limited (FTV) and VBH. The SPSE bid to offer ratio closed the week at 1:2.

ATH also emerged as the narrowest bid to offer margin stock with a spread of $0.03 with Communications (Fiji) Limited (CFM) remaining as the widest bid to offer margin security with a spread of $1.27. The most lucrative bid for CFM stands at $2.70 while the best offer price for CFM stands at $3.97.

The listed company market announcements platform remained quiet this week and recorded two press releases from the companies. Future Forests (Fiji) Limited submitted the company’s Annual Report for 2013 while PBF provided an update regarding stage two of its capital investment plans for the Fiji operations.

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Jinita Prasad

Chief Executive


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