The Acting Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts has agreed to accept Ms Basundra Kumar, Deputy Secretary Primary/Secondary’s request to withdraw her letter of resignation to allow for necessary investigation to be carried out by a Committee on the allegations made against her in a Ministry of Education report.

As such, Ms. Kumar will remain on suspension pending investigation.

The Investigation Committee consists of Mr. Ropate Green, State Solicitor (chairperson); Ms. Kelera Vakaloloma, Deputy Secretary (member); and Mr. Krishna Prasad, Deputy Secretary (member).

The Investigation Committee will investigate the allegations and provide an opportunity to Ms. Kumar to provide her response to the allegations. Thereafter, the Investigation Committee will make its findings on any breach by Ms. Kumar of the Public Service Code of Conduct or any other terms and conditions including her contract of employment, and will make its recommendations to the Acting Permanent Secretary, who will then decide, what action, if any, is to be taken.

Given the appointment of the Investigation Committee and to allow for an independent assessment, no further statements will be made on this matter by the Ministry until a decision is made after the conclusion of the independent investigation.




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