Stop Playing Blame Game: Patel



Fiji Football Association president Rajesh Patel has probed the people to stop playing blame game over the tragic death of the late rising football star and Vodafone Fiji U17 player Shalit Muni Reddy.

He said the Association would not turn their back as they are aware of the blaming game that is the currently the talk-of-the-town.

“We are mindful of the blame game that is going on but let me assure everyone that we will not be turning our back,” said Mr Patel

“We are mindful that the family needs closure, so are we and we are waiting for some other reports from Samoan Authorities and also a full report from the team officials.

“We are also waiting for the completion of 16 days mourning period that the family is currently observing.

“We are not hiding or running away from the issue and will definitely provide the report to the family.

“We will be definitely meeting the family once they have gone through the 16 days mourning period, where we are fully assisting them in every manner.”


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