Students display products

Students of the College of Business, Hospitality and Tourism Studies (CBHTS) put on an exciting vibrant display show of products as part of their course work last week.

The Bachelor of Marketing students display is part of unit MKT501 Introduction to Marketing where students were to formulate a product and use marketing strategies learned to sell it.

Mr Joseph Rodan Jnr of SCA Hygiene was Chief Guest at the event and said marketing is becoming a battle based more on information that on sales power.

“A lot of people may ask why you have chosen to pursue marketing as a discipline area of study-marketing is simply the ability to create demand for your services or products,” he said.

According to Mr Rodan marketing is a daily routine practiced by an individual.

“Explaining and justifying what you do on a daily basis is part of marketing. You are trying to create the demand for people to listen to your point in view. When you execute your justification process and get others on board with your point of view, that is a phase of marketing, the outcome is the sales side of the execution side.”

The former national athlete also shared a few fundamental ideas with students on the best practices which led to success in marketing.

“You need good public relations, customer service, understand marketing and people (HR component) in the behavior individually and as a group (Sociology and Psychology applications),” said Mr Rodan.

Head of Department for Management, Mr Imo Sagoa said the enthusiasm from the students was pleasing to note during the display.

“One of the objectives of the display was to give the students an opportunity to showcase what they have learnt in a class room situation and make it a reality,” said Mr Sagoa.

“Students turnout was encouraging and they were keen to display their products. We can figure out (body language) the excitement but am glad to say they have taken the challenge with both hands and run with it.”

Mr Sagoa said the displays were well organised and is impressed with the effort put in by the students.

“Some did exceptionally well while some were above average. I am also mindful of limitation and constraints faced by students in the initial planning stage and lead up to the final presentation.

“One of the moderators did mention before prize giving that they had a difficult task in choosing the best three winners,” he said.

Mr Sagoa thanked the media and the University PR team for the hype it created for the display that saw students flocking in to witness the event.

“We will continue with the display since it an integral part of learning. This is perhaps an effective way of learning for students. Further, having judges around them to critically analyze their display and what needs to improve in terms of the product itself (value adding) and how best to enhance the standard of their display will add a further dimension in their personal and professional development.”

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