Parents will no longer be burdened with buying of school text books for the 2015 school year.

The Ministry of Education is in the process of printing materials for classes and subjects and these materials will be transported to all Schools in Fiji.

In the time being, the Schools can use the materials that they have in their possession from last year.

The School Heads have been informed by the Ministry not to provide a text book list to any students/parents and for teachers to use the materials that they have until full set of materials are provided by the Ministry.

The Schools will also have soft copy of the full set of materials which the students can make copies of for their use if they have access to computers at home.

In addition to this, the soft copy of all materials from Years 1 to 13 will also be uploaded on the Ministry’s home page for the students to download.

Dr Mahendra Reddy the Minister for Education made the announcements to his senior staff early this week.

“Parents and guardians are to be relieved of buying prescribed text books by the Ministry of Education. All students in the primary and secondary schools will be provided with a set of the prescribed text book by March of this year at the latest. Teachers are to ensure that each student have access to all prescribed text book for their relevant subject,” added the Minister.

Meanwhile, school term one for 2015 begins on 19th January and ends on 24th April.


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