Suicide cases a concern


We are pleading to members of the public to engage in constructive dialogue to help solve domestic issues.

Recently, there has been a substantial increase in the number of Suicide and Attempted Suicide Cases reports received from the country.

As of the 1st of January this year, there have been 18 reported Suicide cases compared to 24 for the same period last year. Most of the suicide cases when investigated have found the reason for the victim taking his or her own life has arisen from mostly domestic disputes between couples, relationship problems between lovers or the mere restriction imposed on teenagers limiting their wants.

Similarly, reports of Attempted Suicide also increase by the week. From the beginning of this year till to date, a total of 27 Attempted Suicide cases have been reported at the various police Stations compared to 21 reports received during the same period last year.

Majority of the victims of attempted or suicide cases are those in the ages between 14-40 years and we are concerned of the continuous trend whereby those deemed to be in their productive years have opted to take their own lives over an issue that could have been solved through dialogue.

Knowing that young children are also having suicidal thoughts is a major concern for the Fiji Police. Children especially in their teens are faced with many dilemmas and parents and guardians are being requested to spend more quality time with them to understand some of the troubles they may be encountering.

We advise members of the public to always engage in constructive dialogue and people are being requested to be more understanding towards each other’s needs as we are bound to have different views about issues a person may be going through.

Young adults should always identify a person to confide in and share their problems with. We wish to reduce the number of Suicide and Attempted Suicide cases reported at various police stations by the end of 2015 as the total cases reported in 2014 was 118 Suicide Cases and 112 Attempted Cases.





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